Little Bone Lodge
Country: United Kingdom
Company: Particular Crowd, SC Films International, Tea Shop Productions
Keywords: scotland, mother, lodge, brother, family secrets, hostage-taking, family clan, fugitive, storm, criminal, held captive, family in peril, isolated farmhouse, stormy night, dark secret, highlands, matriarch, scottish highlands

Little Bone Lodge

Little Bone Lodge

Release Date: 3/11/2023


  • Joely Richardson
    Joely Richardson
  • Sadie Soverall
    Sadie Soverall
  • Cameron Jack
    Cameron Jack
  • Clifford Samuel
    Clifford Samuel
    PC Adams

During a stormy night in the Scottish Highlands, two criminal brothers on the run seek refuge in a desolate farmhouse. But after taking the resident family captive, they find the house holds even darker secrets of its own.

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Produced By: Matthew Joynes, Simon Crowe, Mark Lane, Nicholas Chow, Melissa Massey, Talor Hanson
Directed By: Matthias Hoene
Crew: Neil Linpow, Matthew Joynes, Christopher Carmichael, Simon Crowe, Mark Lane, Niles Howard, Job Reineke, Nicholas Chow, Melissa Massey, Coline Bach, Bridget Gardiner, Christine Nicklin-Rivett, Talor Hanson

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