Knights of the Zodiac
Country: Japan, United States of America
Company: Stage 6 Films, Toei Animation
Keywords: superhero, based on manga, live action anime

Knights of the Zodiac

Knights of the Zodiac

Release Date: 4/27/2023


  • Mackenyu
    Seiya / The Pegasus Knight
  • Madison Iseman
    Madison Iseman
    Sienna / Athena
  • Diego Tinoco
    Diego Tinoco
    Nero / The Pheonix Knight
  • Mark Dacascos
    Mark Dacascos
  • Nick Stahl
    Nick Stahl
  • Famke Janssen
    Famke Janssen
  • Sean Bean
    Sean Bean
    Alman Kido
  • Caitlin M Hutson
    Caitlin M Hutson
    Marin / The Eagle Knight
  • Kaylan Teague
    Kaylan Teague
  • Ryusei Iwata
    Ryusei Iwata
    Young Seiya
  • T.J. Storm
    T.J. Storm
  • David Torok
    David Torok
    Jaki the Beast
  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams
    Ring Announcer
  • Zoltán Durkó
    Zoltán Durkó

When a headstrong street orphan, Seiya, in search of his abducted sister unwittingly taps into hidden powers, he discovers he might be the only person alive who can protect a reincarnated goddess, sent to watch over humanity. Can he let his past go and embrace his destiny to become a Knight of the Zodiac?

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Produced By: Jonathan Shore, Rick Nathanson, Jeffrey Chan, Tim Kwok, Kouzou Morishita, Joseph Chou, Yoshi Ikezawa, B.F. Painter, Katsuhiro Takagi
Directed By: Tomek Baginski
Crew: Yoshihiro Ike, Jonathan Shore, Andy Cheng, Rick Nathanson, Jeffrey Chan, Tim Kwok, Joseph Chou, Kiel Murray, Josh Campbell, Yoshi Ikezawa, Masami Kurumada, Csaba Lòdi, Tapio Liukkonen, Matthew Stuecken, Kenny G. Krauss, Peter Pav, Tomasz Naumiuk, Ron Simonson, B.F. Painter, Tóth András, Godena-Juhász Attila, Katsuhiro Takagi

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